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Top 5 Red Flags Concerning Roof Replacement That Homeowners Often Ignore

Roof replacement red flags

Owning a home is tricky because you're in charge of details that you may not know much about. The problem with that is that it often takes significant red flags to appear and alert you that something is wrong. While a plumber may know the early signs of a developing problem, the average homeowner won't know anything is wrong until they see water leaking or spots developing from water leaks. The same is true for your rooftop. As a professional roofing contractor, any member of our team knows how to detect trouble in the early stages. Without training and experience, a homeowner may miss signs of roof trouble, but sometimes they turn a blind eye to glaring red flags just because they don't want to deal with it.

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

Is your roof trying to tell you something, and you're ignoring it? Failure to schedule roof replacement in a timely manner could cause severe damage to your home. Watch for these 5 critical signs:

Age - Know the age of your roof and the life expectancy of the roofing system you have. For example, if you have an asphalt shingle roof, you can expect about 20 years of service and should plan for roof replacement before that deadline approaches.

Storm Damage - Always get your roof inspected following a significant weather event. You won't know what to look for without proper training and could miss potential damage.

Dark Streaks or Moss - Anything growing on your roof has the potential to destroy it. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't notice bacteria, algae, or moss growth early enough to treat it and salvage the roof.

Compromised Shingles - Curled, cracked, or bald shingles are a good indication of roof damage that's beyond repair and headed towards replacement. Damaged shingles can't protect your roof, which means your roof's integrity is at risk.

Visible Light - If you can see visible daylight from inside your attic, you need repairs, at the very least. More than likely, if a repair issue has lingered for a significant period, it's already gotten worse than repair work can solve.

Find The Right Roofers

You can rely on PF Roofing to offer a fair and accurate assessment of your roof's current condition. And if it's time for replacement, you can expect reasonable rates for stellar service.Call us today in Pensacola for the best help from a local roofing contractor. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!


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